Microsoft vbscript runtime error object required document getelementbyid

Maybe bypass the usage of your Doc object: Sub Website( ). ReadyState < > 4: DoEvents: Loop Set UserName = IE. getElementById( " login_ usr" ) UserName. Value = " ABCDE" Set Password = IE. Application" ) and it requires Microsoft Internet Controls – Karthick Gunasekaran Apr 8 ' 16 at 10: 26. You dimmed IEApp, created the object, but you are not using it when trying to get the element ID. Your With block should look like this: With IEApp. getElementById( " fastpostmessage" ). innerHTML = " good". Surprising, I have tried the below code and it works perfectly when saved and executed from a vbs file. Set objIE = CreateObject( " InternetExplorer.

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    Document getelementbyid error

    Application" ) objIE. Visible = True objIE. I' m having to debug some vbscript in IE10. The script launches the microsoft Remote Desktop ActiveX control and has worked absolutely fine up to and including IE9. In IE10 ( non- compatibility mode) it throws an error " Object. Your login form elements have the name rather than id, so you need to use getElementsByName. Also, INPUT elements don' t have the Submit method, use click instead: With IE. script type= " text/ vbscript" > Set window. onload = GetRef( " WindowLoad" ) Function WindowLoad Dim oElm Set oElm = document. getElementById( " screenDiv" ) if oElm Is Nothing then MsgBox( " element does not exist" ) else.

    For the line DoCmd. TransferSpreadsheet acImport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel97, " TempRoadMap", _ sheetPath, True. Unless you have defined elsewhere acSpreadsheetTypeExcel97 does not exist, and you should be using. getElementById( " proxyStatus" ) Set ToggleProxyButton = document. The only mistake here as long as the HTML is correctly formed is the use of Set when you are just referencing existing objects in the DOM. getElementByID( " frmLogin" ). submit End With End Function Sub Wait( IE) Do WScript. VBS is hardly used in front- end dev anymore, probably only on some intranet stuff and MS applications. – elclanrs Jan 9.