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It is a stacktrace. and it provides vital information that will help you track down the error in your code, if you take the time. A NullPointerException is thrown at runtime whenever your program attempts to use a null as if it was a real reference. Null Pointer Exception is thrown when an application attempts to use null in a case where an object is required. To fix most of the NPE error 1. Always have a check condition. public void printName( String name) { if( num! = null) { throw : Java run time error: ' java. NullPointerException". I think a moderator should sticky a null pointer exception topic. there must be about 1 quater of this forum of them lol. if im not wrong to solve the problem you solve it. How to solve start up error on Android Studio java. NullPointerException internal error - Duration: 4: 22.

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    Runtime null exception

    [ FULL VERSION ] | No Survey or Virus! I am getting a null pointer exception: Mods loaded: 2 ModLoader 1. 5 mod_ Time TimeTraveler 1. 0 Minecraft has crashed! NullPointerException at net. How do I fix this error? Rollback Post om your comment: public int getNumRandOccupants( ) { return randOccupants. Because this is at the top of your stack trace, it means that the randOccupants field is null at the time this method is called. You are calling getActionBar( ) call getSupportActionBar( ). When I run my Java program, it gives me an error on this line. getTask( null, null, new DiagnosticCollector< JavaFileObject> ( ), null, null, compilationUnits ) ;. Error I am getting is: Exception in thread " main" java. I' m writing a java program and have completed one section which compiles fine, but then throws a NullPointerException at runtime and I cannot figure out why or how to solve it. I' m using a HashMap and trying to use it' s put( K.