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Índice de matriz de propiedad no válido ( error 381). Tabla de contenido +. Introducción a la referencia del lenguaje ntime Error 381 Could Not Set The List Property. Excel Vba Runtime Error 381 on the top menu ribbon. Can I Exclude Movement 7, 8, and 10) : Click the Start button. your listindex is probably - 1 as no listitem is selected yet? have look at the following code ' 1 form with ' 1 listbox : name= List1 Option Explicit Private Sub Form_ Load( ) Dim intIndex As Integer For intIndex = 0 To 10 List1. I am in need of assistance on an error that I' m getting. Run- time error ' 381' " Invalid Property array index. I am using VBA for Excel. [ RESOLVED] Run- Time Error 381 Hello.

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    Docs · Office VBA Reference · Language Reference; Reference; User Interface Help; Invalid property- array index ( Error 381). Invalid property- array index ( Error 381). This error has the following cause and solution:. Combobox Runtime Error 380. Add values to a ComboBox in a UserForm in Excel. There are 3 simple ways to add values, two that require VBA, and o. hi good morning, I would like to ask why when I run my program, but it appears a message like this " Runtime. this is what I have, but it pops up a window saying: " Run- time error ' 381' : Could not set the List property. Invalid property array index. " Private Sub CommandButton2_ Click( ) ' ListBox1. AddItem ( gateway. But when i start the project, the Run- time error ' 380' : Invalid Property Value comes. On Error Resume Next Dim rs As New ADODB.

    Runtime error ' 381' ntime Error 381 - Im getting this Runtime Error 381 Could not set the list. - Free Excel Help. I am very new to vba, so please excuse my ignorance,. Private Sub Command1_ Click( ) With MSHFlexGrid1. Cols = 10 For i = 1 To 10 For j = 1 To 10. TextMatrix( i, j) = i & " " & j Next j. this is my vb6 code giving Runtime Error. For all general questions relating to Excel but not including VBA or formulas. Login or Sign Up Log in with;. Userform ComboBox Run- time Error ' 381'. receive a ‘ Runtime error 381’ Could not get the column property.

    run- time error " 381". Vba Runtime Error 381. Project contains too many procedure, variable, and constant Runtime Error ' 381' Could Not Set The List Property has been modified. Hello Everyone - I am getting an error when I enter incorrect data or entry data that isn' t in the list into a combobox in one of my userform' s " Run- time error ' 381' : Could not get the List property. Invalid property array index". Userform listbox error 381 if only one row in table Hi, I have an excel userform called “ frmMainPage” that is called to upload when the. When I run the code seen below, I get the Run Time error ' 381' Invalid property array index. The line the debugger points to is. fields( fo_ rackType ) =. Runtime Error Hidden Property - Macro Not Working In Protect Sheet. Runtime Error 381.

    Call Error_ Handling_ VBA_ On_ Error_ Resume_ Next. The rows and cols of a flexgrid are indeed 0 based. However, if you take the FlexGrid. Row and FlexGrid. Col values, then they are always going to be in range, as these denote the currently selected cell. Something like n- time error ' 5' : Invalid procedure call or argument. vba macros microsoft- word- runtime- error. r6034runtimeerrorfix. com Runtime error 381 can damage your system files so fix it immediately. I opened a 97 spreadsheet in and now each time a user form is initialized a runtime error comes up in the following line in the vba code:. Excel VBA Tutorial Part 10 - VBA Error Types. In order to assist with runtime error trapping, VBA provides us with the On Error and the Resume statements. Well, all day long I' ve been testing this Userform and I didn' t get this problem.

    I' m finally using it for a real- life example and I press the ' print' command button and get the following error: Run- Time error ' 381' : Could not set the List n- Time error ' 381' but not really sure what the. item in the list when I input the number 940 I get stuck in a loop with my error. For all general questions relating to Excel but not including VBA. But with only one entry I get ' Runtime error 381. Populate ComboBox With Named Range Error. VBA Error Codes This appendix. 381 Invalid property array index. 382 Set not supported at runtime. 393 Get not supported at runtime. 394 Get not valid Property Array Index Vba; Runtime Error 381 Could Not Set The List Property; The performance difference between here for your help. VBA Visual Basic for Applications ( Microsoft) Forum; Cmdbutton,. Cmdbutton, cbobox and Runtime Error 381: Invalid Property Array Index Cmdbutton,. Contains a searchable list of common ( core) VBA error codes used by the intrinsic Err object, as well as a separate list of all other errors. When an error is generated in your application— whether it’ s handled or not— the properties of the Err object are assigned values with information about the error [. Visual Basic 6 Runtime Error 381 “ Invalid Property Array Index.