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Find out what they are by using a LEFT JOIN SELECT employee FROM empcompensation LEFT JOIN employees on. I had the same problem and the issue was in foreign key indexes. MySQL workbench generates too long names for fk indexes sometimes. Manual correction helps. I' m guessing that Clients. Case_ Number and/ or Staff. Emp_ ID are not exactly the same data type as Clients_ has_ Staff. Clients_ Case_ Number and Clients_ has_ Staff. Perhaps the columns in the parent tables are. MySQLエラー1215: 外部キー制約を追加できません.

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    Error mysql foreign

    外部キー制約エラーが 発生する理由:. すべてのテーブルでInnoDBをエンジンとして使用していません。 ターゲット表の存在しないキーを参照しようとしています。 それが他のテーブルのキーで ある. I know there' s a lot of of question about this error, in most of answers the solution is equal properties or primary key error, what is not the case but i still can' t get what' s wrong with this; Carteira. ID INT( 11) PK Acionista. Your problem is on one or both of these lines: FOREIGN KEY ( ` NAMA_ CUSTOMER`, ` NID_ C` ) REFERENCES ` BengkelBiru`. ` customer` ( ` NID_ C`, ` NID_ C` ) ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Looks wrong s/ b NAMA_ CUSTOMER. I think you want this. Perhaps the columns in the parent tables are INT UNSIGNED? They need to be exactly the same data type in both tables. Foregin Key Constaints. Reasons that you may get foreign key constraing error: You are trying to. imageadassociation is the referencing table.

    Tables imagelocation and advertisement are the referenced tables. The 2 columns in the referenced need to satisfy the condition: From the Mysql Manual page on Using Foreign. On further research there were several things that I needed to do for this to work. I had to make sure that the tables reverse engineered from MySQL were defined as InnoDB. And I also had to remove the foreign key constraint. There is a foreign key constraint on tblOrderItems that its ItemID needs to reference an ItemID that already exists in tblCatalogItems. CONSTRAINT ` ItemID ` FOREIGN KEY ( ` ItemID` ) REFERENCES ` tblCatalogItems` ( ` ItemID` ),.